Advisory Board

Susanna Zammataro

Executive Director, International Road Federation – Geneva

In her capacity as Executive Director of IRF Geneva, Susanna Zammataro is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans for the organization.

As in-house expert on Environment and Climate change, she is also responsible for the overall environmental programmes and activities run by the IRF Geneva. Activities which she started from scratch in 2007 when she joined the IRF. Leading projects in this field currently include the Greenhouse Gas Calculator for road infrastructure (CHANGER), the Green Public Procurement Initiative and Innovative Practices for Greener Roads. She has – in between others - advised the European Commission for the development of GPP criteria for road construction and road markings and ensured the engagement of the industry in this process.  Susanna represents IRF in several Technical Committees relating to Sustainability: she’s member of the independent review panel for INVEST (Integrated VicRoads Environmental Sustainability Tool) and member of the UNECE Climate Change Expert Group on Adaptation. She is also the accredited IRF representative for the COP negotiations (Conference of States Parties to UN treaty on Climate Change) and the coordinator of the IRF Group of Experts on Environment & Climate Change.

Susanna has recently joined the Board of the Total Foundation to support and lend her expertise to the Sustainability (Environment and Climate Change) and Road Safety work streams of the Foundation. She has been involved in the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All) led by the World Bank since its inception and is an active member of the SuM4All Expert WGs on Efficiency and Safety.

Mrs Zammataro is a member of the Advisory Board of the FIA High Level Panel on Road Safety.  She’s serving since 2012 as the Co-Chairperson of the “Safer Roads and Mobility” Pillar of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration Group (UNRSC), a global multi-stakeholder partnership whose aim is to facilitate international cooperation and to strengthen global and regional coordination. Mrs Zammataro coordinates as well the IRF Group of Experts on Road Safety.

Appointed Acting Director General in 2012 after having served several years as Deputy Director General, she has represented the Federation at high-level meetings all over the world. She is regularly invited to speak on a variety of topics at international fora and conferences.
Mrs Zammataro began her career in Brussels as a consultant for a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and later served as European Affairs Manager for the Italian Industrial Association (Confindustria). She joined the Delegation of the European Commission in Geneva in 2002 and successively integrated the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to support the International Investment Agreements section. Before joining IRF in 2007, she led the environment section of a research project run by the University of Geneva.

Thomas Edelmann

Founder & Managing Director, Road Safety UAE

Stephen Lambert

Road Engineer, Abu Dhabi Municipality

Stephen is a chartered civil engineer (C.Eng.), member of Engineers Ireland (MIEI) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (FCIHT). His experience includes design and construction of heating and ventilation systems and of RC and SS structures and the management of medium sized construction projects.

Stephen has also worked on road design and construction since 1995 and in 1996 worked specifically on road safety engineering where a small team of 8 people were responsible for developing the national accident database to find trends in crash histories to design appropriate counter measures.

The counter measures included engineering, education and enforcement. The team also advised on national policy relating to roads legislation. The team also had responsibility to oversee the selection and implementation of engineering remedial measures at locations on the road network with a history of crashes where in our opinion there was a viable engineering solution that would reduce the number or severity of crashes.

As founding Chairperson of Donegal road Safety Working Group in 1996, along with the original members we created a very good road safety network in Donegal. All the main agencies are members now and co-operation is the norm.

Specialties include: Innovation, research, crash and trend analysis, negotiation and problem solving, funding, road safety auditing and checking, traffic and transport assessment and evaluation. GIS systems, CAD, surveying, ATC use and analysis. Traffic calming design.

Dr. Britta Lang

Technical Director – Education and Evaluation, 4E Road Safety and Transport Consultants FZ LLC

Britta is a Traffic Psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in road safety and transportation. She has worked with government agencies and private clients in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East towards improving the safety and efficiency of traffic through technology adoption (e.g. electric/driverless vehicles), the development of evidence-led strategies and the delivery and evaluation of behaviour change interventions.